Ba Taha Ba Yasin Lyrics English: Imam Mahdi Nasheed

Title: Ba Taha Ba Yasin
Category: Nasheed

Ba Taha Ba Yasin Lyrics Tejani Brothers

ba taha ba yasin lyrics imam mahdi nasheed
By Ta Ha, by Ya SIn, by the ascension of Ahmad

By Ghadr, by Kawthar, by Paradise, by Tree of Tooba

By the Holy Revelation that is Quran,

by the Torah of Moses and Gospel of Jesus

Let me be a King in my begging

a beggar amongst the beggars of Zahra (sa)

What nights have passed that Zahra (as) has prayed

for us all to be Shia in love with the Master (as)

Serving this Family is the reason and purpose for our creation by Allah

Now that your direction and commander is clear, do not hesitate and be free like sea

That the world is not worth the loss of the hereafter

May we not be far from the SOn (as) of Zahra (as)

And this transient life, youth and the worldly pleasures, is not worth the regret of the next world

If you passionately seek to be his follower

If you earnestly attempt to be his follower

If you place your honour in front of his feet

Surely, Surely you have earned the title of follower

How many Friday mornings did you not have rest and how much you were moved by Dua Nudbeh

Did you assist in removing the sorrow from his heart

Or did you increase the burden upon him like others

If you introduce one person to his cause

You become one of the leaders of his army

Did you cry from night to the raising of the sun?

How much do you miss to be by his side

Heart broken is your greatest reason

If you are restless know you are a true follower

And the outcome of this restlessness is Paradise

A Paradise were its pleasure is to gaze upon him

The wind of Generosity and

the rain of Mercy has descended upon us

May you never close your heart to the sights so clear

Of those who sell Yousef (as) so easily and cheap in this dark era

O' Allah by the brighntness of Mahdi (as)

By the black distressed hair of Mahdi (as)

By the gracious heart which is and ocean of pain

By the eyes filled with tears of sorrow

By the lips warm with the saying of O' Ali, O' Ali

By his remembrance of his beloved Hassan and Hussain (as)

By his benevolent hand and compassionate look

By the hope in the eyes of the beggars of Mahdi (as)

By the supplication of his prayer

By the saying of "Glorious is Allah" of Mahdi (as)

By his electrifying look and his black birth mark

By the graceful perfume of the Mahdi (as)

By his beautiful ceremony of haj and his great and lofty position

By the Hejazi Quranic recitation of Mahdi (as)

By the morning of Iraq and his evening in Damascus and his love towards Khorasan

By the lovers who gave their life on his path

By the sweet intuition of the martyrs of Mahdi (as)

Make me permanently enthusiastic for him

May I sacrifice for his separation

Grant to this undeserving servant

Make me the companion, confidant, follower of his journeys towards Khorsan, Syria and Iraq

O' Mahdi (as), O' Mahdi (as), Assist me!


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