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94 Laqabs of Imamat of Ali Ibn Abi Talib (AS)


94 names of Abu al Aaima, Abu Turab, the Wasi of Rasool Allah SAW Imam Ali (AS)
Imam ul Mutaqeen
Imam ul Muslimeen
Imam ul Aarifeen
Imam ul Waasileen
Imam ul Maohideen
Imam ul Mohaqeqeen
Imam ul Saaliqeen
Imam ul Mohsineen
Imam ul Saadiqeen
Imam ul Awwaleen
Imam ul Aalameen
Imam ul Muta'abbedeen
Imam ul Saabiqeen
Imam ul Masbooqeen
Imam ul Makhlooqeen
Imam ul Aadileen
Imam ul Masoomeen
Imam ul Murshideen
Imam ul Mubashireen
Imam ul Munzireen
Imam ul Muqsiteen
Imam ul Aashiqeen
Imam ul Muqarribeen
Imam ul Rashideen
Imam ul Mutawaqqileen
Imam ul Shahideen
Imam ul Mutawaqqeleen
Imam ul Taahireen
Imam ul Mubaarizeen
Imam ul Muazzimeen
Imam ul Ajwadeen
Imam ul Qaary'een
Imam ul Maalikeen
Imam ul Mufliheen
Imam ul Raaki'een
Imam ul Saajideen
Imam ul Haakimeen
Imam ul Muta'akhireen
Imam ul Muhibbeen
Imam ul Raasikheen
Imam ul Waasifeen
Imam ul Khaashieen
Imam ul Mukabbireen
Imam ul Muta'aaleen
Imam ul Muqaddiseen
Imam ul Afsaheen
Imam ul Baazileen
Imam ul Mukammileen
Imam ul Kaamileen
Imam ul Haafizeen
Imam ul Mushfi'een
Imam ul Mukarrameen
Imam ul Qaaniteen
Imam ul Muhaajireen
Imam ul Shahideen
Imam ul Muta'hireen
Imam ul Makhdoomeen
Imam ul Saamiteen
Imam ul Raafi'een
Imam ul Att'hareen
Imam ul Aimma
Imam ul Mulhimeen
Imam ul Muqaatileen
Imam ul Ashjaeen
Imam ul Ahlameen
Imam ul Aamineen
Imam ul Zaki'een
Imam ul Aora'een
Imam ul Mujtahideen
Imam ul Aamireen
Imam ul Mujahideen
Imam ul Khateebeen
Imam ul Mutee'een
Imam ul Mubarri'een
Imam ul Muqaarineen
Imam ul Khaazi'een
Imam ul Afzaleen
Imam ul Ghalibeen
Imam ul Mukhaiiereen
Imam ul Mutaqaddemeen
Imam ul Muallimeen
Imam ul Saayemeen
Imam ul Muzaffareen
Imam ul Naazireen
Imam ul Aalameen
Imam ul Mohtasibeen
Imam ul Mohtoofeen
Imam ul Shaheedeen
Imam ul Waariseen
Imam ul Mutaiyebeen
Imam ul Akmaleen
Imam ul Kazimeen
Imam ul Musabbiheen
Imam ul Mahshooqeen

Why do we always keep saying and calling out "Ya Ali"?

Ali is the gem that is unlike any other.
Ameer-ul-Momineen, wa
Syed-ul-Wasiyeen, wa
Imam-ul-Muttaqeen, wa
Imam-ul-Muslimeen, wa
Ammer-ul-Momineen, wa
Asadullah-al-Ghalib, wa
Ali Ibn Abi Talib
is the truly unique person in history who has been able to combine and bring together all these antithetical qualities in the same human being.

Why is Ali Ibn Abi Talib so special?

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Because He is the first to submit to Allah. Ali Ibn Abi Talib was the first t
o come to Rasool Allah whenever he needed help. He was always the first to respond
to Rasool Allah.
Ameer ul Momineen was always the first to stand in the battlefield while all others were fleeing for their lives. Ali Ibn Abi Talib is the great man whose name we will call for our entire lives.

When you want to get up, you say 'Ya Ali!'

When you want to sit down, you say 'Ya Ali!'

When you want to climb a bunch of stairs, you say 'Ya Ali!'

When you want to help your kids ride a bicycle you teach them to say 'Ya Ali!'

When your mother is giving birth to you at the hospital, she calls out 'Ya Ali!'


Because Rasool Allah always called out Ya Ali! Ya Ali! Ya Ali!
The Wasi of Rasool Allah.
So shouldn't we call a person for help whom Rasool Allah himself has called.

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Imam Ali (A.S) Naming, Birthplace and Laqabs

On 30th Aam ul Feel when Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) age was 30 Abu Talib (A.S) and Fatima Bint e Asad were blessed with Ali(A.S) . He was born inside Kaa'ba. She remainded inside Kaa'ba for three days and when she came out, Muhammad (PBUH) was there to welcome her and got the child in his lap and the child opened his eyes.

The Prophet (PBUH) said, "You have chosen me for your eyes and I have chosen you for my Ilm".

Ali (A.S) was named by the Will of Allah

Initially the mother liked the name Haider,
the father said Asad and the family wanted to call him
Zaid but Abu Talib prayed to God and the child was named as Ali by the Will of Allah.

Laqabs of Ali Ibn Abi Talib (A.S)

He has a lot of Laqabs of which 'karam Allah Wajhu' is the most liked by the Ummah which is the symbol that he is the one who has never prayed to idols and the most liked name by Ali himself was 'Abu Turab'.

Naming & Laqabs of Imam Zain ul Abideen; Why called Zain ul Abideen


The First son of Imam Hussain (A.S) 

Imam Zain ul Abideen (A.S) was the first son who was born to Imam Hussain (A.S) on the 15th of Jamadi ul Awwal in 38 Al Hijri. He was named as Ali.

And so the process began to keep this name alive in the house of Imam Hussain (A.S) . So every child which was born was named as Ali like Ali Akbar (A.S) and Ali Asghar (A.S) . Because the enemies of Islam and those who were envious to the house of Muhammad (PBUH) had always tried to remove this name Ali
from the world and the events which happened afterwards proved this. But they didn't know how could they remove the name of a person from the earth who had been with the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) all his life, who stayed with him when every one was against him and whose son was going to
be the Hujjat Al Qaim (A.S) on earth.

Laqabs of Ali Zain ul Abideen (A.S) 

His Laqab was Zain ul Abideen, Syed us Sajideen, Sajjad and Zo al Safnat. His kuniat was Abu Muhammad.
The real reason for his being Zain ul Abideen is that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself called him by this laqab and had said in his life that when Zain ul Abideen (A.S) will be called at the Day of Judgement, my son Ali ibn Hussain (A.S) will say Labaik and will bow before Allah.

Qambar; the slave and companion of Ameer ul Momineen Ali AS

Qambar was among the particular slaves of Ameer ul Momineen Ali Ibn Abi Talib AS. Hajjaj Saqafi got him arrested and asked him what was his duty? Qambar replied that I brought water and Ali AS did Wadhu (Ablution) and then recited an Ayah (Ayat) from Quran which said that afterall the cruel ones
are going to end. Hajjaj said that
perhaps He was pointing towards me in this Aayah. Qamar replied and said, “Of course!.”

Hajjaj got angry and said what will happen if I kill you? Qambar replied, “I will be among the lucky ones and you will be among the unlucky ones.” Hajjaj got angry and ordered to kill Qambar. The tomb of Qambar is in Baghdad.

Some Facts about the Birth of Husayn Ibn Ali (AS)


Sideeqa Tahira Faatima al Zahra (Peace be upon Her) was blessed with second son on the 3rd of Shabaan 4th al Hijra in Medina, Saudi Arabia. Hussain AS is the son of Amir ul Momineen Ali Ibn Abi Talib AS and The Grandson of the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Happiness and Sadness of Muhammad (PBUH) on the Birth of Imam Hussain AS

There were emotions of joy and happiness on his birth. Along
with this, Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW also wept because he was aware of the hardships and sacrifices which His Grandson was going to face in the land of Karbala. The Holy Prophet recited the Adhaan and Aqamat on his birth.

Hussain (AS)was named by The Will of Allah

He was named Hussain by the Holy Prophet by the Will of Allah. The name was saved in the treasures of the universe and there was no child or any person named  Hussain before Him.
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Aqeeqa of Imam Al Hussain AS

The Aqeeqa of Imam Al Hussain AS was also arranged by Muhammad SAW and prepared for the food of the child in such a way that he fed his grandson by his tongue or his finger.
Where was Hazrat Ali a.s born?

Some Famous Laqabs

His famous laqabs include Sayed, Sabt al Asghar, Shaheed al Akbar and Sayed al Shohada and his kuniat is Abu Abdullah.